Chapter 1 out now!
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Reach: SOS
puzzle adventure game
Reach is a point-and-click puzzle adventure game where you play an isolated outpost worker that starts receiving cryptic messages.
With classic point-and-click mechanics and the use of tilting your device, the game takes you on a beautifully hand-drawn adventure of finding the Other.
The team behind Reach: SOS
Reach is made by a team of 5 students from the Netherlands.
Kela van der Deijl
game designer + social media person

TikTok: @mustard.soup
Twitter: @KelaMakesGames
Instagram: @KelaMakesGames
Maya Bloem
artist + narrative designer

Twitter: @BloemMaya
Instagram: @mayabloem
Mischa Penders

Twitter: @iMischaP
Instagram: @mosman.p
Nienke Overmeer

Twitter: @Artemis13366886
Instagram: @_Nienke_xx
Patrick Vonk